Will you be on joining us on the battleground? The Last Kingdom premieres tonight at 9pm on BBC Two.

The style of the opening credits, which features sketch drawings, a dark blue palette, and orange flames, will be seen throughout Last Kingdom’s eight episodes, as will the intense musical style. Composer John Lunn teamed up with Faroese singer and A&G artist Eivør:

“We made a collective decision very early on that the music for The Last Kingdom would not be orchestral and there was a real desire to produce something different and original,” Lunn says.

To do that, Lunn sought out Eivør, a dynamic artist with over a dozen albums spanning rock, jazz, pop, and European classical music. “I was very fascinated by the unique soundscape he [Lunn] had created and singing on top of it felt in a way like coming home,” Eivør says. “I love that he is using only analogue synths and real drums.” (Entertainment Weekly)